A Vote For Issue 55 Is A Vote For Fairness

I’m writing in support of Issue 55, which would adjust the Mayor of Seven Hills’ salary to $40,000 for the next mayoral term (beginning December 10, 2023, basically 2024). When I was on council, I was very involved in correcting many long-standing issues in the City of Seven Hills. One issue important to me that we did address was correcting the mayor’s salary, but for one reason or another it did not make the ballot.

In all the cities I have reviewed, I found Seven Hills to be the only city where voters must approve the mayor’s salary.  Other municipalities were indexed to a certain wage or scale or at the discretion of council. The topic has become a political football resulting in 37 years of stagnation in addressing the mayor’s salary.

It is important to note this is not a tax issue or a request for funds in any.  In fact, there is no material impact on the budget. If this measure is approved, it would represent 0.001 of our total 2020 revenue.

The mayor’s salary has remained at $14,000 since 1987. Since then, salary for council members has increased 174% and will increase with annual cost of living adjustments to 189% by the time Issue 55 would take effect. During this same period our entry level salary for our service department has been increased by 181%.

These changes in salary are closely related to the rate of inflation over the last 37 years. Bringing the mayor’s salary to $40,000 is basically an adjustment for 37 years of inflation.

It should be noted, if passed, the mayor’s salary will remain at the bottom of the mayor salary scale of comparable Cities, by far.

I believe this is a matter of fairness and good government and urge a yes vote on issue 55.

Bob Wrobel Former Ward 2 Councilperson City of Seven Hills  

Bob Wrobel

Former Ward 2 Councilman City of Seven Hills

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Volume 13, Issue 10, Posted 3:51 PM, 10.01.2021