Seven Hills Continues To Soar

Seven Hills Continues to Soar. It would be an understatement to say that the first 18 months of Mayor Biasiotta’s Administration was anything less than a whirlwind. While Covid 19 dominated the news cycle, the Mayor’s vision and plan for the continued growth of Seven Hills was still being realized. From economic development to a creative new plan for our parks and recreation, this administration has accomplished a great deal.

Economic development and fiscal responsibility continues to be Mayor Biasiotta’s forte’. It was a core tenet of his campaign and he is surpassing his promises to residents of the city. The opening of the first Meijer in Cuyahoga County has had the city buzzing with excitement. More importantly, the project brought more than 350 new jobs to our community. We also welcomed Konica Minolta and Vitalia Rockside to our city. These projects will bring approximately $600,000 a year in city income tax revenue. Additionally, we celebrated the groundbreaking of the Regional Headquarters of Eric Bank.

Safety and service have been two other priorities for this administration. We added 11 part time firefighter/paramedics and have ordered a 2021 Sutphen fire engine that will replace our 24 year old engine. The city also signed up for the Home Heritage Program. In the inaugural year of this program, 28 families participated and received project assistance valued at $674,450. The site visits are free and the cost to the city to participate in the program was only the postage to send the letters. Moreover, we are extraordinarily excited to embrace fun once again with friends, family and neighbors. The 2021 Concert Series kicks off on July 9th and will run for 6 consecutive Fridays from 6-8pm. Home Days will make its triumphant return as well. The festivities will be held on August 27th, 28th and 29th. Finally, we will also be welcoming back the ever popular Farmer’s Market at the corner of Hillside and Broadview Roads. This event will run on Thursdays from July 1st to September 30th between 4pm-7pm.

An important issue in every city is infrastructure. However, what sets the City of Seven Hills apart from most others is our proactive approach. A little over a year ago, this administration assembled a Water Management Task Force. In keeping with our overall philosophy when dealing with a critical matter, we identify problems, practice due diligence while assessing the problem and incorporate experts to assist in rectifying the issues. This task concluded that we have three major components. The first is preventative maintenance to the city’s storm and sanitary sewers. The second is rehabilitation of the city’s storm water control measures and the third is to improve/ repair the city’s existing storm and sanitary sewers. Since the inception of the program, we have completed 691,000 in maintenance and repairs with another 1.9 million targeted for 2021/2022. Additionally, the city will invest approximately 2.9 million dollars in improving our streets. Chestnut, along with 10 other streets, are scheduled to be resurfaced. In 2020, we invested $100,000.00 in crack sealing. Crack sealing extends the life of our streets.

Finally, last November the voters overwhelmingly approved Issue 41. This will allow us to make the most visible parts of our city, our parks, into the crown jewels we deserve. We will be investing 4.5 million dollars into our parks over the next 3 years. Many of our residents have already seen some of these upgrades. We currently have state of the art LED lighting at the Valleywood ball field. If you have seen the park at night, you certainly noticed the beautifully lit flag-pole with Old-Glory hovering in center field. Walking trails, brand new playgrounds and pavilions, along with numerous other amenities and aesthetic improvements, are on the horizon.

In short, the last 18 months have witnessed quite a bit of change and improvements to the city of Seven Hills. However, Mayor Biasiotta’s vision for the city transcends far past the prior 18 months. The Mayor continues to look to the future and is committed to making our city the gem

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 8:44 AM, 07.01.2021