Seven Hills Takes Action Towards Water Goals

Construction of one of the Donna Rae double basins.

A little over a year ago my administration put together a Water Management Task Force. We felt that it was time to bring relevant people into one room to address, what in some cases, has been a decades long problem. This approach is consistent with how we have addressed important issues over the last few years; perform due diligence to identify the root issues and bring in subject matter experts to provide guidance.

The goal of the Task Force was to develop short and long-term plans to remediate water-related issues, identify and prioritize specific projects that will lead to the rehabilitation of the sewer systems and other control measures to minimize flooding.

Just as important as identifying plans to improve water management, is determining how to pay for it!

I’m pleased to report we have accomplished many of these goals and are working on many more.  From a revenue and expense point of view we closed 2020 by increasing our Capital Fund from a zero balance to $902,000.   Our overall cash reserves increased $ 4 million since Dec. 21, 2017 and now are at approximately $7.2 million.

What does this all mean?  

1. Seven Hills has continued to carefully manage tax dollars from one administration to the next

2. We are well positioned to safely take on necessary sewer projects.

3. We have protected sufficient reserves in the event COVID impacts continue or any other risk arises to our revenue streams.

Since the inception of Task Force we have completed $691,000 in additional (above our annual in-house sewer program) maintenance and repairs to our sewers and water control devices. Further we have targeted another additional $1.9 million in maintenance and repairs for 2021.

The task force concluded that our program has a few major components. 1. Preventive maintenance of the City’s storm and sanitary sewers 2. Rehabilitation of the City’s storm water control measures and 3. improve / repair the City’s existing storm and sanitary sewers

Below are just a few examples of how we addressed / are addressing these components.

From a preventive perspective we have expanded our partnership with Cuyahoga County Public Works for additional sewer maintenance, cleaning, and repairs. The partnership has enabled the City to perform significantly more sewer cleaning than we have ever in past, as we now have the ability to utilize the County’s sewer trucks (you may have noticed them working 2nd shift).

From a water control perspective have dredged the Waxberry Detention Basin, cleaned the City Hall bioswales and recreation center retention basin. On deck we plan to add a new water control device to the Hickory/Cresthill/Jasmine Area and drainage, stream and detention basin improvements at Calvin Park.

Lastly, from a rehabilitation perspective we have completed line repair on John Glenn, Rangeview and Graydon. Improved the Skyview Storm sewer outfall and added 2 double basins on Donna Rae. Already under contract for 2021 is the complete restoration of Cheryl Ann Culvert and the installation of a new pipe-liner into the existing mainline 8-inch sanitary sewers on Primrose Drive, Panorama Drive, Firethorn Drive, Bayberry Drive, Bittersweet Drive and Tanglewood Lane.

We are off to a great start, but much more is required and over the next few years more is on the way. Stay tuned my friends.

Tony Biasiotta

Mayor, City of Seven Hills. Ohio

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Volume 13, Issue 4, Posted 2:39 PM, 04.02.2021