Tales From The Tollgate House: The Parma, Ohio Grange Near Pearl Road School

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  • Example of local Parma Township barn. 1890 Bonny Brook Miller Family Barn at Pearl and Stumpf Road in 1972 Cleveland Press Newspaper photo. Barn removed for New York Road extension in 1973. New York opened in 1975.

  • 1933 photo of the Parma Heights Village Hall along Pearl Road between Pearl Road School and Parma South Church. Today the area is green space and a GCRTA Bus Shelter is nearby for No. 51 bus riders to use while waiting for the bus traveling North into Cleveland along Pearl Road. The 1933 photo is from the Cleveland State University Cleveland Press Newspaper Archive in the Rhodes Tower.

  • November 1918 photo of Parma Grange Members with guests from local other Cuyahoga County Granges. A Pomona County wide meeting was held in Parma Heights. Photo from Mrs. Street, whose father was Mr. O. Kobelt, elected Master of the Grange at the time of the photo. Mrs. Street is the young child with a bow in her hair in a white dress in the front of the photo.

  • A 2013 photo of the Tollgate House in the Greenbrier Commons taken by Kenneth Lavelle. 1939 cement street sign is in the foreground.

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