Cutting The Ribbon To The Door Of Success In 2011

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony For The New Location Of Backs On 12/8/10

BACKS Massage & Therapy has been in business for almost five years. With the recent grand opening of the new Parma location our entire team can look back on all of our hard work and be proud of what we have accomplished. The day I started BACKS was very scary. I started BACKS because even though I had a job which I loved dearly, unfortunately the person that I worked for did not share that love for me. Although this was a low point in my professional life, my belief in hard work and keeping a positive attitude prevailed. With much support from friends and especially family, BACKS Massage & Therapy was born.   

Small businesses are the "bread and butter" of our great country. Many important things can be learned from owning and operating a small business. The small business owner has the unique opportunity to become an active member of their community. As a small business owner you should embrace your city and become a strong supporter of all things local. I have made that choice, and I believe that it has made a huge difference. Some other key bullet points in cultivating a successful small business include:

-Keep it simple

-Great product, at a great price

-Slow and steady

-Do not overextend

-Pay your employees well

-Affordable, quality marketing

Marketing is a learned science. What works today, may not work tomorrow. I have tried just about everything only to find that the old tried, but true works the best: referrals. Spend as little as you can to achieve the greatest results. Here is where the Parma Area Chamber of Commerce comes in. They do a great job in helping the local small companies grow their business. I have three locations: Westlake, Parma Heights, and Berea.  By far Parma's Chamber does the best job in supporting and promoting my business. They realize that a way to grow a city is to help the small businesses in their city succeed. I am so impressed with the job they do in helping to support the local businesses. This by far is the best return on my marketing dollar. I would like to thank The Parma Area Chamber of Commerce, and Executive Director Lisa Zaremba in particular, for their hard work and the exciting things they have planned for the year 2011. 

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Volume 2, Issue 11, Posted 10:42 PM, 01.05.2011