Every Journey Begins With The First Step

That first step is always the hardest to make when you begin any journey, as we all know. I myself have experienced this first hand recently as I go about making an important change in my life. What I found is that it is really not as difficult as I feared it would be once I actually decided to begin and the time for excuses was over. My friend Dan McCarthy is fond of saying "Can't lives on Won't Street" and this simple truth has guided me in my own personal journey. The Parma area is in a similar situation. All cities face a moment in time where they need to embrace new ideas that will keep them moving forward into an uncertain future where they will need to be ahead of the curve and have the most successful outcomes possible. The need to avoid unnecessary risk goes without saying, but being frozen in place as the world changes is simply not an option for anyone, anywhere.  

Bike lanes, dog parks, broadband development, community sidewalk programs, storm water management gardens, little free libraries, public art projects, pocket parks, bicycle friendly districts, green pathways, increased walkability, community gardens, tree planting programs, pop up art displays, etc. These are just a few of many creative ideas that communities around the world are embracing and trying all of the time in the 21st Century, and they are enjoying the benefits. There is no reason that the citizens and leaders in the Parma community should hesitate to consider these kind of options if they will lead to improving the quality of life here, just as those in the past embraced new ideas. We just need to take that first step- it's well worth it. 

Volume 10, Issue 2, Posted 9:44 AM, 02.05.2018