Feel Like A Kid Again

“Yeah, we’re here,” shouted my grandkids from the car’s back seat. Our recent trip to this famous landmark had us parking, grabbing sunglasses and heading for the entrance. Even though today’s visit would only be for a few hours, it would be my first time to see “Dollywood.” This huge amusement park in Tennessee was named after the famous resident and singer, Dolly Parton. My daughter had passes to the park, so waiting in line was not going to slow us down. The many holiday decorations were sparkling on every sign, roof, edifice, barrel, bench and tree. It was a gorgeous Christmas card that came to life. And we were here to enjoy it!
Our investigation took us past many usual park rides but we also found great photo opportunities. We had pictures taken of us inside an adult- size snow globe which we entered via two doors and carefully measured air quality. We spent time watching the artistry of glass-blowing and then followed the aroma of tasty food awaiting our purchase. Bumper cars enticed the youngsters as well as visiting with Santa and writing him a note. We took a train ride around the perimeter of the park, then shared parade photos of the characters marching around the walkway.
But my most enjoyable memory of that day began with calliope music. The minute I heard that identifying beat my feet aimed in that direction and we all ran to board the welcoming carrousel. I found a movable horse and managed to climb on his saddle. The ride started and the “up and down” movement took me to a place in my heart that’s reserved for quiet meditation, happy thoughts and days of long ago. It was a moment in time that promised me the world at my feet. I smiled as the memories flowed through my mind like a movie in motion. I didn’t want anything to spoil my dream. And yes, I admit. It did make me feel like a kid again.

Lizabeth Braskie

I'm a retired Sun Newspaper typist. I've been writing freelance articles for the past twenty five years. Some of them are personal experiences having to do with my family of eight children and a total of twenty grandchildren. They keep me busy with a variety of subject matter.

Volume 10, Issue 1, Posted 9:01 PM, 01.02.2018