Riding The Storm Out

I haven't written for the Parma Observer in four years; since I came in to visit over Labor Day Weekend, I realized that I was long overdue. I'm writing my opinion of what I've seen during my visit to Cleveland and specifically the Parma Area. We arrived on September 3 after a long ride from Tampa, Florida and settled in for a family reunion, in Brunswick, Ohio at Spring Mist Farms (Goodyear Barn). 

Driving in we saw llamas, sheep, horses, donkeys, and then the family. Went on a covered wagon ride with 4 Clydesdale horses, which reminded me of times past when we would go on hay wagon rides. After we rode past the elk, reindeer, ponies, and Charlie the Camel we emerged on to the 40 plus acres and an open field, only to see over 25 deer running around freely. It felt so good to see the family and enjoy good old Ohio Hospitality! The next day we went to Edgewater Park to watch the National Air Show and see the Santana tribute band Evil Ways on Whiskey Island. Such a lot to do in Cleveland.

Day 3 of our trip found us back in Parma Hts. at the home I grew up in, helping my sister clean gardens. It is great to see the old place, and I loved growing up here. Reunited with some lifelong friends as we watched the Indians win their 15th game in a row. The next day we went to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame- I haven't been there in 22 years. It's a good place to visit when in Cleveland, and they have improved it so much since then. 

Meanwhile Hurricane Irma was bearing down on Florida, and where I live in Tampa. so we decided to postpone our return trip. Everyone thought that we had evacuated Florida and came to escape the hurricane, but the plain fact is that we had not planned it that way- no one had thought that the storm was going to hit Florida as it did. 

Everyone in Ohio was so very nice to me and my girlfriend while we were there. We stayed one night at our friend's house in Medina, and another night at a friend's house on Snow Rd. in Parma. It was a real pleasure spending the extra time with longtime friends, reliving the old days and remembering the good times we had. That's what I like and remember about growing up in Parma and Parma Hts., and it's what made me the person that I am. You'll be hearing from me again soon. 

Jody Finitzer

Although I currently live in Florida, I grew up in Parma Hts., Ohio and remain committed to that wonderful city!

Volume 9, Issue 12, Posted 10:16 AM, 12.01.2017