The Stupidity Of The NFL “Protest”

Sometimes I think the NFL protesters are suffering from a bad case of the stupids. But probably not for the reasons you think. 

Their protest escalated to where it is today due to an exchange between Trump and Stephen Curry of the NBA champion Warriors. Curry said at a press conference he wouldn't accept the traditional White House invitation to celebrate their championship because: “That we don't stand for basically what our president has ― the things that he's said and the things that he hasn't said at the right times ― that we won't stand for it.” His head coach said that Trump had “defended neo-Nazis chanting hate slogans.” That was in reference to Trump's statement about the violence in Charlottesville when he said, “I think there is blame on both sides.” Trump responded to Curry as he is wont to do and the protest escalated to the point it's at today because the NFL players didn't like Trump's response. So, although it started as something else, it became an anti-Trump protest; nothing more noble.

The sad fact is that Trump's statement about Charlottesville was correct. But, as usual, the liberal elite put their spin on the statement and said it meant Trump was defending the neo-Nazis. Then, all the little liberals who aren't capable of thinking for themselves started repeating it. The video that showed a counter-protester being beaten by the neo-Nazis in a parking garage was used as an example of how wrong Trump was. However, the actual investigation proved that the man who was beaten started the incident by hitting one of the neo-Nazis in the head with a flashlight and he was arrested.

Radical left groups like Antifa advocate the use of violence to shut down speech they don't like and they went to Charlottesville for that specific purpose. “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." There's a reason that's such a famous saying. Without free speech there is no democracy. It is the first thing every dictator tries to shut down. Ironically, it was the first thing Nazi Germany tried to shut down and now the radical left tried to do the same thing with the neo-Nazis and tries to do it with everyone else they disagree with. And that is far more dangerous than a few idiots marching around chanting nonsense regardless of how disgusting it is.

Protests that actually accomplish something have three things in common: a specific wrong is identified, what is needed to right that wrong can be articulated and the success of the protest can be measured. A prime example is the Montgomery bus boycott, one of the most important events in the civil rights movement. At the time, Blacks were required to ride in the back of the bus and if the front filled up they were required to give their seats to white riders. That was wrong. As a way to right that wrong, a group headed by MLK demanded that an ordinance be enacted to allow black riders to keep their seats. The success of the protest could be measured by whether or not the ordinance was passed, which it was.

Without those three element what's being called a “protest” is really nothing more than a temper tantrum that can accomplish nothing. The NFL players don't even seem to know what they're protesting let alone what needs to be done about it. They have voiced a variety of wrongs that need to be righted, most often “inequality” which is a generality. To some people it means affirmative action is wrong because it gives preference to minorities instead of treating everyone equally. But I doubt that's what the players have in mind. 

So, exactly what is it they're protesting, what do they want done about it and how will they know when they've succeeded?  Until the NFL players can answer those questions they are doing nothing more than throwing a temper tantrum which has zero chance of ever accomplishing anything other than proving that the NFL concussion problem is far more widespread than anyone thought. What else could possibly explain someone complaining about how unfair the country is while they're being paid millions of dollars to play a little game? 

Corbin Luna

Corbin Luna is an old grouch who has been retired for twenty years and objects to all the spin, innuendo, half-truths and lies that seem to continually come from politicians and political wannabes.

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Volume 9, Issue 11, Posted 4:48 PM, 11.01.2017